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The Choclo Project represents an inspiring and beautiful clothing brand perfectly suitable for yogis and climbers. Choclo is – besides the Quechua word for corn – a project that brings together underprivileged children in Peru and yoga clothing in a highly creative and ethical way. The major goal is to provide these disadvantaged children in Peru with the opportunity and an environment in which to express themselves. Each garment in the Choclo range has a personal touch, inspired by the creative hand of one of the children in the brand’s partner orphanages. The process is two-fold: purchase of any Choclo product results in 5% of sales going directly to the children in the various centers and to buy medical supplies and food. This concept not only gives the children a feeling of freedom as they tap into their imagination, but it also gives the kids ideas of a positive way to make a living and change their lives. The drawings that they love to do now have value and purpose. When the children see what has been made from their drawings they feel special and this is the best feeling a child can have.




The Choclo Project is all about building a community of like-minded people with shared values — so you can feel you are part of something more than just another clothing brand. Choclo inspires community growth through their mentor program and active artist program. Mentors are people that inspire us through their actions. Notable ambassadors include Kerstin Linnartz, an actress, model, yogi, and journalist who raises money for the School for Life in Thailand. Another is David Sye, who uses yoga as a tool for peace. With the organization Youth at Risk UK, he brings people together in war torn areas such as the West Bank in Israel. Choclo provides these activist communities with apparel and promotes awareness through their network.

Ethical clothing for balanced living

Ethical clothing for balanced living

For more inspiration and to shop online: Choclo Project

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